Rename all ".htm" or ".HTM" files to ".html"

Forms Banner Rename all ".htm" or ".HTM" files to ".html"

Some operating systems require file extensions to be limited to three characters. As a result, HTML files are represented with a ".htm" or ".HTM" extension.

On our servers and most Unix systems, the convention is to have HTML files end with ".html".

This tool renames ALL ".htm" or ".HTM" files in your web site to have a ".html" extension. For example, if you have a file called help.htm, it will be renamed to help.html

Upon pressing the above button, you will be presented with a panel requesting your login and your password. This will ensure that only you can alter your site.

This tool will traverse through your entire web site and perform the rename on any ".htm" or ".HTM" files it finds.

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